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Darling Deluxe, the Ultimate Choice of World Most Celebrated Hotel
This is clearly evident as our most prestigious customers in Thailand and abroad
have their trusts in our mattresses.
Maximum Years of Usage
Prestige Hotel Clients
Total Mattress Produced
64th Years of Experience
Why Choose Darling Mattress?
Because Darling Deluxe knows Hotel Mattress are one of the most significant factors to escort your hotel guests a good night of perfect sleep
  • Trusts | Reputations

    Long-term trust & reputations of highest quality hotel–mattresses built through 50 years that never end our exclusive hotel clients’ satisfactions from generation to generation. Darling Deluxe has become “Beloved Hotel Mattress Brand” among Hotel Management levels.

    Expertise | Workmanship | Leading Edge Technology

    Throughout 50 years of - professional experiences in bedding industry, we have never stopped developing and integrated only state-of-the-art technology and machineries from Europe, USA and abroad as well as delicate craftsmanship to merely produce the highest quality hotel mattresses, resulting WOM (word-of-mouth) reputations among hotel industry 


    Darling mattresses are built to last. In the unlikely situations, our hotel mattresses have warranties ranging from 7 years as minimum to 15 years as maximum. However, most of our hotel clients have truly satisfied to overuse our hotel mattresses until they’ve -

    forgotten it’s time to change the new mattresses again.

  • Customisation | Tailor-made / Made-to-Order Mattress

    Need a mattress made to your own size, special specification of your own creative design, or a choice of softness or firmness you prefer? Darling Deluxe can customise to your individual needs to help you fulfill your dream journey with Perfect Sleep that you can design. . .by your own desire

    High Quality-Best Mattress Price

    Easily allow your hotel guests to fondly sleep like a baby on the high quality mattress with reasonable mattress prices to invest on and save your money to pay for any extra cost of other luxurious mattress branding expenses with same mattress material quality inside your bed. Darling Deluxe can offer you the Great Value for Money with the superior quality mattresses you can afford to make your money worth at all costs


    Darling Deluxe is always pleased to offer your hotels the

    wide range of customer services. In the unlikely situations, our professional sale team will take care of your mattress problem whenever and wherever it’s needed. Our after-sale services are free of charge during the warranty period as regards to our warranty criteria.
Selection of Hotel Mattress
The Mattress of Choice of Top World-Class Hotels
Because You are Important to Us

Darling Mattress, established since 1961, is the Thailand’s leading manufacturer and highly experienced professional exporter of hotel mattresses and bedding accessories with proven track record among worldwide hospitality industry at forefront of excellence.

With the integration of production technology from Europe, USA and others in achieving outstanding standard of high-quality hotel mattresses and bedding products, we have successfully accomplished the far-reaching market acceptance including AMAN Group, Hyatt, ACCOR, Pullman, Mövenpick, JW Marriott, Dusit Thani Group, C.P.Leadership Institute etc…